Looking for IT talent from Ukraine/CIS for your near shoring project?

The Interfaces focuses on its added value (knowing the local Ukrainian/CIS market inside out) in connecting you with the best tech talent for your near shoring projects.

How does it work?
Our client describes in a detailed document the team members he is looking for: developers, team leads, project managers,… Based on this we assess people currently in our database or hunt them. We provide CV's of tech talent that we have thoroughly checked.

Our client confirms interest in a specific profile and conducts 1 or more (technical) interview(s) in order to assess our candidate(s). We participate in the conversations between the client and the candidate, to make sure all runs well.

When the client chooses a specific profile, the client and candidate mutually agree on a working relationship that is sealed with a cooperation agreement between them.

Ready to source your next near shoring tech talent?

Role of The Interfaces

The Interfaces hunts and selects the right profiles based on the in depth description of the client. We interview the tech talents, we check their English level, match the cultural fit for your company,… and subsequently we connect you with the final selected tech talents.

We participate in the conversation until there is a cooperation agreement.

The Interfaces creates relationships with hired IT profiles, checking if everything goes well within the team, if he/she is ok and likes his/her job and other factors. This will help us in checking and coaching the profiles as we are 'the feet on the ground'.

Advantages for the client
Higher chance of hitting the right tech talents in setting up a team; as The Interfaces knows the market inside out, we understand where to hunt and who to hunt; the client is not dependent on a specific team member that the (usual) supplier 'has to bring on board in the project' for commercial reasons; only the best profiles that you choose will work in your project.
Direct contact with team members which enables clear statutes, updates,… and allows quicker reaction if needed; no intermediates that might 'mingle' with communication to reach target in the most swift way.
Lower cost
Lower cost than when the client would work with typical near shoring solution (deleting overhead costs that bring no value to the project).
Independency for the management of the team which increases your productivity, and ROI leading to presupposed targets.
Our core team
Bart Henau
General Director of The Interfaces
Scarcity of tech talent: one more reason to look beyond borders and hire the best tech talents available in our region.
Natalia Eksarova
Head of Recruitment of The Interfaces
Be ahead of your competition and connect with Ukrainian and CIS tech talent to secure a win for your company.

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